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About Silver Line Services Ltd

Silver Line Services Ltd is a one stop shop to provide services in the international movement of goods. We provide solutions for goods to reach destination safely, securely and quickly.

We provide professional advice and creative solutions for competitiveness.

We provide Customs Clearance with adequate support to satisfy all the exigencies of various authorities in trade.

Our Customer Driven solutions will make import and export seamless.
Service is our Product

As a full service freight forwarder & Customs Broker, we service worldwide origins and destinations without geographical restrictions. We are intimately acquainted with all the carriers in all trade lanes. So we can direct your cargo in the most suitable way. We provide marine insurance.

Certified Hazardous material experts, we can guide you on the proper classification of hazardous material for international shipping. We excel.

Letter of Credit experts, we can guide you as to whether L/C terms are fulfillable and in accordance with your understanding of the transaction.

  • We prepare L/C documents accurately to ensure prompts payments and save on bank expenses due to unnecessary discrepancies.
  • Expert Guidance on Customs regulations tariff classification and duty rates.
  • All Customs entries filed electronically through EDI enabling release of goods as early as their date of arrival.
  • Other Government Agencies authorisation: Health, Agriculture, fisheries, etc.,
  • Import Permit for controlled goods.