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Our local employees are trained and dedicated to navigate the complicated customs process. With our understanding of the documentation and licensing requirements, legal and insurance concerns, local protocols and office hours and our use of cutting -edge information and communications technology, Silver Line Services will get your shipment through customs without any unnecessary hassle or expense.

Nawab Aumjaud

Operational Manager

Mannoo Goolam Gookan (Ms)

Secretary to M.D

Salmah Delbar (Mrs)

Finance Manager

Hanaa Ramjan (Mrs)

Export Officer

Munawwar Peerun

Senior Customs Clerk

Oomar Delbar

Shipping Manager

Ambareen Nuckchady (Mrs)

Personal Assistance

Roubina Chaumoo Elaheebocus (Mrs)

Accounts Clerk

Tawseef Akeejamah

Customs Clerk

Sidick Jaffur

Customs Clerk

Aamir Moolkun

Shipping Clerk

Zakiyya Bhuglah (Ms)

Shipping Clerk